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Private client: car trailer

The brief from the clients included automating as much of the car loading and unloading as possible.

Process undertaken and outcome

As a new concept to what is currently available, multiple meetings were used to ensure complete understanding by both Lowe & Hennessy of the clients’ ideas and wishes, and to make sure the project remained on track to achieve the desired result.

As prototype work for such a complex project, the clients were willing to work with Lowe & Hennessy. Complexities to be worked through included the Australian Design Rules, plumbing for the kitchen, the mechanism for the electric winch to both move the cars into position as well as lift the custom ramp to allow for open space during rallies, the stiffness of the chassis for a safe and comfortable tow, and much more.

The result means that both racing cars can now be transported in one trailer without being double the length (one car behind the other), also saving time, fuel and no longer needing two drivers. Furthermore, there is now a plumbed kitchen, fixed tool chest and open space in the trailer for use on longer trips.

Whilst this trailer is quite complex in design and manufacturing, the beauty of working with Lowe & Hennessy is that they specialise in custom solutions, for small or large projects. For example, another car trailer could be made with the same high quality, but without the extras that suited this client.

Brief Can two racing cars fit within an 8.5m trailer with a kitchen?

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