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Bottom rolling rack with attachments for single sculls

$38.00$220.00 inc GST



The bottom rolling rack is a cost efficient option that provides easy access to boats as well as minimising any twisting action when lifting or placing a boat on the rolling rack. Made from galvanised steel that is powder coated yellow for high visibility, their height is adjustable, to provide flexibility in any shed and for a changing program. They are 1400mm long, to hold 3x derigged singles, 2x derigged quads/fours or any rigged boat.

The V-blocks sleeve over the bottom rolling rack. The swivel single hull mounts are made from stainless steel and easily slot into a fixing bracket on the bottom rolling rack. If purchased together, the fixing bracket will be attached, ready for use. If purchased separately, the fixing bracket is included with the single hull mount.

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Bottom trolley $200 + $20GST, V-blocks $38, Swivel single hull mount $114

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