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Kayak trailer

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Lowe & Hennessy have spent a significant amount of time and money on their trailer design. Manufactured using Australian milled, galvanised steel with data sheets tracing the source, care is taken to protect and prolong the life of the trailer, through hand painted welds, followed by a second coat, all of which are then visually inspected.

From racing to leisure kayaks, four-man to singles, with the ability to also take outboards and other equipment, a trailer by Lowe & Hennessy offers limitless options. These include curtains for advertising, awnings for shelter, blank sides for advertising, removable racking for multi-purposes, to name a few.

A trailer by Lowe & Hennessy is enjoyable to tow, compliant, user-friendly, minimises damage to equipment and can be customised to suit any program.

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